1. Oh God what a terrible, horrific experience of those two innocent young people, Chantal and Maurice. I just don’t understand what kind of person grows up to be that cruel and become worse than animals like Gilles Pimpare and Normand Guerin? in 2004 they could walk free after serving their time of 25 years prison, but those children Chantal and Maurice could never grow up….
    Worse than those recidivist rapist / murderers, are Québec police and Québec minister of justice Marc-André Bédard who does nothing and Allo Police editor Andre Parent who publishes such a cartoon, they have no shame.
    228 rapes in the province up to that point in 1979, 144 of them reported in Montreal alone and that was only counting the ones reported to the police!! Montreal was the worst place ever; it was a miracle if a girl wasn’t raped or children weren’t murdered in that era, in that province with such a police force.

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