1. I knew Billy, as a young boy, I lived in Park ex, he hung aroung with a group of other boys in the neighbourhood. I did not hear about this until 2000 a friend of mine told me all about what he had done, I could not believe it at frist but then I thought about it and I remembered that in the summer of 1972, I went out with a girlfriend of mine, I did not ususally go out on the town but it was my birthday and since my boyfriend had plans, I went out with my friend and while we were bar hoping we ran into Billy and his friend Domonic, we laughted and danced together, Billy knew my boyfirend and also knew I had a son who was 6mths old so I did not think anything of it at the time. But the next day I got an obsceen phone call. I knew it was Billy and I thank God I told him where to go and never heard or saw him again

  2. I lived in Park Ex till 67 and then came back in 68 for a year. I went to St Roch or St Francis as it became till high school.

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