39 years ago Tammy Leakey was murdered

Tammy Leakey

Today marks the 39th anniversary of the murder of Tammy Leakey.

The 12-year-old girl disappeared the evening of March 12th, 1981, when she was sent by her mother to a local depanneur, Chez Bert to buy milk for coffee and some candy bars in the Pointe Saint Charles neighborhood of Montreal.

At approximately 10:45 pm on the same evening,  73-year-old Ewing Tait was driving along Lindsay street in Dorval’s industrial park when he noticed “something in the field along side the road”.

What he first thought were rags was actually clothing. He stopped and discovered the body of a young child. The body was still warm. The police were notified, and Tammy Leakey was taken to the Lachine General Hospital. At the hospital she was pronounced dead on arrival.

The autopsy revealed that Tammy was strangled with a length of rope or electrical wire. You can read more about the case here: https://theresaallore.com/2016/03/24/coda-the-curious-case-of-tammy-leakey-march-12-1981/

New Crime Details

It may be of some interest that the candy Tammy bought at Chez Burt were Nestle Mirage chocolate bars (one for Tammy and one for her younger sister). One of the bars was found in the gutter of the Pointe Saint Charles street where she was abducted, the other was recovered from her clothing at the crime scene.


Of greater importance; much was made at the time that Tammy Leakey wasn’t sexually assaulted. That is true in so far as she was not vaginally raped, but this was indeed a sex crime. Specimens of sperm were found on her clothing, and the samples were sent to the Montreal crime lab for further analysis.

Whether these DNA samples yielded results, and whether they survived after 39 years is anyone’s guess. Someone might want to contact the Montreal (SPVM) cold case unit, and see if they still have the evidence.


2 thoughts on “39 years ago Tammy Leakey was murdered”

  1. It’s almost impossible these murders are NOT the result of a serial killer. There are too many coincidences between them….Point of initial concentration….POINT ST. CHARLES! There has to be a connection. Why did they also destroy so much evidence! It really does not make sense. Not one suspect, not one piece of evidence tying them together, not one person seeing anything….except the boys who threw the rocks.
    I read and reread your articles but come to the same conclusion….some cops aren’t smart or dedicated….you can throw in detectives too. Rant over.

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