A Busy Month for Quebec True Crime

I wish I had a newsletter, because it’s been quite a month for Quebec True Crime.

There is lots of interest in the Radio Canada repeat broadcast of Le Dernier Soir, the six part series details the 1975 unsolved Longueuil murders of Diane Dery and Mario Corbeil. Also, Attraction Images has just released Sur les traces d’un tueur en série, which supposes a serial killer was prowling Montreal’s Plateau neighborhood in 1977.

But you may have missed other excellent work by some of my colleagues.   Stéphane Berthomet recently completed an eleven part podcast about the 1969 murder of Trois-Rivières  police officer Louis-Georges Dupont called Dupont L’Incorruptible (available through Radio-Canada or Apple i-Tunes podcasts).

Louis-Georges Dupont

As well, with the re-broadcast of Le Dernier Soir, the murder of Melanie Descamps at the hands of Michel Dery is again in the news. Important to note that it was Stéphane Lévesque who wrote a brilliant article on the affaire in 2018 for L’Express which brought new attention to the case:

Stéphane did a follow-up piece in 2019 focusing on Michel Dery’s possible involvement in the 1972 unsolved murder of 4-year-old Chantal De Montgaillard:

Chantal De Montgaillard 

Finally, Stéphane Luce ( a lot of Stephs here ) and his organization Meurtres et Disparitions Irrésolus du Québec – MDIQ has been doing great work illuminating cold cases and disappearance across Quebec through his initiative to have cases highlighted on transport trucks traveling the province. To profile one case, he is active in the investigation of the 1982 Montreal unsolved murder of Stephane Gauthier:

Lots of great stuff happening by dedicated folks in La Belle Province.


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