1. Thank-you for this information. I’ve googled for years looking for info on the Theresa Pearson case. I remember the day she was murdered and the great shock to the community. She was a nice girl and didn’t even begin her life.

  2. I was looking for my adopted dads date of his death as I do not remember the exact date and this came up
    This is my adopted family I remember this Id be about eight years old when this happened Missing Debbie
    Huh funny co incidence the dates it happened My daughters b-day is may 23 and my oldest daughter passed away may 23a year later and this happened all those years ago the same time

  3. I was attempting no to find our adopted dads day he passed away as I don’t remember
    In that I found this
    Miss you Debbie she’s my sister I was around no eight years old when this happened I remember this
    Also coincidence that my daughters b-day got s the same date and my oldest daughters anniversary (she passed on this same date My seconds daughters first birthday) strange same dates may 23

  4. I would like to add thank you for sharping these newspapers It means a lot to me to see a pic of our dad And the pics from the eighties – I believe I’m still trying to pinpoint exact date but he passed around two years after this happened

  5. Thanks for sharing this, I lived a block away and attended the same school, same course – secretarial- I knew Teresa and still ask myself today if they ever found the person who did this awful crime to someone so sweet in broad daylight no less. I don’t recall the police coming to school to talk to students as it was shocking for me. Each time I pass by there, I think of her. Esther Olijnyk

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