1. You ponder on about whether the 8-1 bunker was in Sherbrooke or in Lennoxville. The fact was that the Sher./Lenn. 8-1 chapter bunker was less than 1/3 mile or 1/2 km. from the Lennoxville / Sherbrooke Town Line. ‘BIG DEAL NOT IMPORTANT”. BORING !!!

    In 1982 R. ‘Zig-Zag’ Lessard was the 1-st 8-1 to want to get the gang to clean up its sully image. He himself had once been a huge Coke-Head until he had a vision from Dog. He came up with his 3 new Code of Conduct Rules for all 8-1`s to live by. They was to be NO SWINDLING of other biker members, NO HARD DRUGS to be used by biker gang Members and NO RAPING of Women.
    These 3 Rules didn`t seem to be abided by all until March 25-th 1985 when they were ‘cast in stone’ on the Laval members at the Sher /Lenn. bunker. But I say…Why should anyone worship any 8-1 for what was done that Sunday in March of 85 in the bunker, or mourn the bastards wiped out. Vermin all of them!

    Of Note is that both the Laval Chapter ‘Mayrand’ Bad-ass brothers -Willie and Bert were originally from the Marauders biker gang of Asbestos.
    Biker Robert ‘Snake’ Tremblay appeared to be almost everywhere, in Magog as a Cyclone, in Drummondville as an Evil One, in Sorel as a ‘South’ chapter member and in Sherbrooke as a Gitan and 8-1. One busy biker.
    This Bad Boy was all over the place, just like all the dozens of murdered young women found across southern Quebec during the 70`s and 80`s.
    I wonder if He had a penchant for dumping young girls dead bodies off of bridges in Compton and Massawippi in the middle of a January and November night in 1978, with their bodies being found downstream of those bridges after the next Springs melt ?
    And there was another young woman murdered and dumped off of a Hwy. bridge in Casselman, Ont. in the winter of 1975, only to be found in early May floating 300 feet downstream of the bridge in the Nation River.
    Who would have thunk it… Almost the Exact same killers methodology 3 yrs. earlier.??????

    And I wonder…Did anyone ever access a full List of All the Students and Staff at Kings Hall & Gillard House for 77 and 78 ?
    Who knows what might be found on that List.
    And John…For Dog`s sake, will you ever get someone to Spell and Grammar Check your blogs before you Post them. PLEASE?
    You`ll never get into the ranks of a first Class national journalist writing like you do!
    And Columbo, your music still SUCKS the Big One…BUT…It momentarily drowns out my raging tinnitus.

    1. I was never going to win with this one from you, friend. I knew that 2 months ago when I was planning it. Still. I think my punchline in the final minutes are valid, despite what anyone thinks of my summary of the 81s. And I will defend my music choices any day: Satie and Wire are THE BEST choices for this episode, for obtuse but obvious reasons.

    2. I don’t care about the grammar, friend… i’m reading it and seeing it’s wrong. It’s simply a guideline. I’d much rather people listen. I’m writing a book: the grammar in that is spit-polish correct. I don’y really care about a blog.

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