Let Them Be Hunted Soundly – WKT2 #28

I am honoured to receive the Senate Sesquicentennial Medal “in recognition of my valuable service to the nation.”

But fortune is a wheel…

Site of pizza parlor where Sharron Prior was headed 1975

Andree Bechard, Pierre Boisvenu and Michel Bergeron

Madame Colette Roy, former Mayor of Lac Magantic

Bikers Against Child Abuse

Music / Let Them Be Hunted Soundly – WKT2 #28

I was originally also going to use Depeche Mode and Queen’s Get Down Make Love. I cut way back.

The music is De Natura Sonoris from The Shining, because it references so much we’ve used / talked about: Beatles Day In A Life, Pedro The Lion Winners, Pat Metheny, ELO, Genesis’ Revine (which references Ken Burns’ Vietnam), Syd’s I’ve Got A Bike (then Floyd’s Time).

I wanted to go back to something simpler, not so polished… my old (not-so-confident, stuttering ) self. Where you’re not completely sure where the soundtrack will come in = tension:


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