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Nathalie Bergeron is the sister of Marilyn Bergeron. Marilyn has been missing since February 2008 when she was last spotted at an ATM by a surveillance camera in Loretteville, Quebec.On this day – Sunday, April 29th, 2018 – we spent the morning talking to Nathalie as her family prepared for a walk in Marilyn’s honor which was held that afternoon in Quebec City.


Nathalie Bergeron


Flyer for the 2018 walk for Marilyn Bergeron


On the morning of February 17, 2008, Marilyn Bergeron (born December 21, 1983), left her family’s home in Quebec CityQuebec, Canada, for what she said was a walk. She did not return. An automated teller machine (ATM) security camera in Loretteville recorded her attempting to withdraw money early in the afternoon; she was last seen almost five hours after leaving home at a coffee shop in Saint-Romuald. Many sightings of her have been reported since then, especially in areas of Ontario just outside Quebec, but none have been confirmed.

Quebec City police (SPVQ), who continue to investigate, have theorized that Bergeron committed suicide. Her family, who has put up a reward for information leading to the resolution of the case, believes she may have instead met with foul play. Shortly before her disappearance she had moved back to Quebec City from Montreal, where she told her parents, without being specific, that something had happened there and she no longer felt safe living on her own.


Marilyn Bergeron and her sister Nathalie


Due to this, and the jurisdictional limitations of the SPVQ, the family has repeatedly petitioned the provincial Ministry of Public Security to order the case file transferred to either the Montreal police or the Sûreté du Québec, both of whom they feel could make more progress; the request has been refused. As a result, they have retained former provincial justice minister Marc Bellemare to press their case. Crime journalist Claude Poirier has also devoted an episode of his Historia series Poirier Enquête to the case.

Marilyn Bergeron’s parents


Marilyn Bergeron and her sister Nathalie


In 2017 a friend who knew Bergeron in Montreal confirmed that she had grown increasingly fearful and reclusive there in the two months before her disappearance. He said he had asked her if she had been raped or witnessed a crime. She said what had happened to her was “worse” than that, but refused to elaborate.

You may view the entire episode of Poirier Enquete about Marilyn Bergeron here:


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