Intro to Loco Part III / Debbie Buck / WKT2 #15

The 1976 murder of Debbie Buck.  Updates on the cases of Katherine Hawkes and Jocelyne Houle. 








Robert Bobby Waterman obituary




Recall that on the night she disappeared, April 17, 1977, Jocelyne Houle left the Old Munich on her way to La Caleche, which was a strip-bar on Ste. Catherines street. Her body was later found in the woods off Range 5 in Ste-Calixte.

In September 1977 the skeletal remains of two young women were found in the woods side-by-side off Range 4 in Ste. Calixte. They were later identified as 21 year old Francine Loiselle and 18 year old Suzanne Morrow, two strippers from Longueuil and Laval respectively. The newspaper La Presse reports that the Surete du Quebec are working on a theory of suicide. The coroner ruled that the remains had been in the woods since at least June of 1977.  If you look on a map, Range 4 turns into Range 5.

September 29, 1977 / Francine Loiselle et Suzanne Morrow




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  1. I went to the same high school as Debbie for a short time I remember her as being beautiful and I also remember her older boy friend.He drove a corvette.I was in B.C when this happened and my father sent me the newspaper.

  2. I went to school with Debbie for a short time she was beautiful and I remember her older boyfriend he drove a corvette she must of been about 14 at that time.I was shocked to hear about her murder.

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