Marie-Ève Larivière / WKT2 #4


On March 7th, 1992, 11-year-old Marie-Ève Larivière goes missing while running an errand in Laval. Her body is found near some railway tracks within 12 hours. She had been strangled and sexually assaulted.

– The 1992 abduction and murder of 11 year old Marie-Ève Larivière, sexually assaulted and strangled in Laval.

– The Surete du Quebec expands it’s cold-case unit to 30 officers.

– The 2009 murder of Natasha Cournoyer by serial offender Claude Larouche.


Marie-Ève Larivière in her snow clothes

Marie-Ève Larivière dump site



Marie-Ève Larivière


Marie-Ève Larivière


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  1. Great news that they were putting more investigators on police force in 2018! Since 2018, did they solve all or any of those 273 unsolved cases in the past 3 years? I’d love to know…

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