1. Great news that they were putting more investigators on police force in 2018! Since 2018, did they solve all or any of those 273 unsolved cases in the past 3 years? I’d love to know…

  2. @ John: Since September 3, 2021, I’ve learnt a lot, thanks to your podcasts and this website John. I’m getting wiser and I know better now.
    Thank you for that link to the article by Stéphane Luce. That case of Marie-Ève Larivière is one that never leaves my memory. It is heart-breaking and since I’ve read about that case on your website, all my happy memories of French baguette are destroyed: Every time I buy a baguette, it always makes me remember and think of that innocent little girl, Marie-Ève Larivière and I take a deep breath and sigh. We eat almost every day a baguette here and it is painful ever since I know about Marie-Ève Larivière.

    And it makes me sick to my stomach to discover how Canadian justice system was 50 years ago and still is to this day. Canada’s Criminal Justice System is rotten to the core, that was in 1960s,1970s, 1980s, 1990s and to this day it still is.

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