Eight murders in the region unsolved: La Presse December 11, 1999

Here is a rough English translation of the La Presse article I keep referencing in my podcasts from December 11, 1999:

Eight unresolved murders in the area


Between 1987 and 1995, the bodies of eight girls and teenage girls who were kidnapped were found in isolated areas of the north of Montreal and in six surrounding municipal areas. And in none of these monstrous crimes discovered in Laval, Blainville, Rosemère, Mascouche, L’Assomption, Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan and in the former Carrier Miron ( Montreal), where there is some sexual assault, the police have not been able to apprehend a single suspect to date.


It should also be noted that the killers may have thought that there was less risk of getting caught by filing the body of their victims in this region, “adds the police. The corpses of three girls and a teenager were found far away from the place of their disappearance in Blainville, Laval and Sainte-Thérèse. In these eight murder cases, which run from October 1987 to June 1995, the victims were all removed from their homes. Many were sexually assaulted, while others were beaten, strangled or stabbed.

The disappearance of Lyette Gibb, 19, who lives in the Chomedey district of Laval, was reported by her adoptive parents on April 26, 1987. The skeletal remains of the young woman were found at the foot of a tree, in a wood of the Assumption, October 25, 1987.

Sophie Landry, 16, left the home of his parents, La Prairie, on the South Shore, the evening of Sunday, August 23, 1987, to wait by bus at the Longueuil metro station, then take another bus that would take her to Saint-Hyacinthe. Her mutilated corpse – she had received 173 stab wounds, in addition to being sexually assaulted – was discovered the next morning in a small pathway through a cornfield in Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan.

Chantal Rochon, 17, left from her family home in Blainville on June 10, 1988. Her remains were found in a state of decomposition  on June 23 in a wood in Blainville.

The disappearance of Valérie Dalpé, age 13, from Saint-Léonard , municipality of the northeastern suburbs of the island of Montreal, was reported to the MUHC on October 18, 1989. His body, dismembered by saw and decimated in garbage bags, were to be discovered the next day by garbage collectors at the Mion quarry.

Marie-Ève ​​Larivière, 11, of Laval, was visiting the home of her parents’ friends when she disappeared March 7 1992. Her corpse was found the next day, abandoned near the railway line along Saint-Martin Boulevard, about five miles from the scene of his disappearance. The child had been sexually assaulted and killed by strangulation.

Melanie Cabay, 19, of Montreal, was abducted on June 22, 1994.The body of the young woman was finally discovered on July 5, concealed under construction materials, in Mascouche. She had been beaten and strangled.

Marie-Chantale Desjardins, 10, living in Sainte-Thérèse, had been missing for four days when her body was found on July 20, 1994 in a wooded area located behind the Place Rosemère shopping center, her bicycle lying beside her, she had been sexually assaulted and strangled.

Joleil Campeau, 10, from Laval, went for a run when she was abducted from the street on June 12, 1995. The girl’s body was found four days later, buried in a swamp, only a few meters from her home in Laval.

These heinous murders may well be good to remain unpunished forever, unless one of the authors, remorseful, confides in himself. It is almost impossible in these cases that an informant – often helpful in elucidating cries – can help the police. In the opinion of several investigators, an individual who kills a child or a woman will never boast of it, unlike What happens after the commission of other crimes.When the author of a crime speaks of his prowess.



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