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  1. The whole prison, jail system, justice and police system really need a groundbreaking metamorphosis, reform if you ask me.
    It is so upsetting that Canada’s sex offender registry is NOT accessible for public/citizens in Canada. I tried and I couldn’t get access. They should change that. If those convicted serial killers, sexual offenders are out on the streets due to parole, then public should have the right to get access to such a sex offender registry and the registry should contain all those convicted offenders with full details of the offenders which are up to date. Just like in USA, which is open for public, citizens can access and check if there’s an offender in their neighborhood anywhere in USA. Because police are failing the citizens,murders are galore and cases are not being solved and public is not protected. Offenders have more rights than victims and their families. At least if such a national sex offender registry is available for public, then citizens can track those offenders and protect themselves by being more alert.

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