1. We know there are 2 audio recordings of the murderer of Katherine Hawkes to the Police from Sep`t. 1977.
    To date, has anyone considered ‘expertly’ comparing those 2 voice recordings with a certified voice recording of W.P. Fyfe, or of other known murderers from that era, if their voice recordings are still out there?
    That is of course, if such voice recordings, if ever made, were not thrown out by the Police!!
    And, do you know for sure that Fyfe was in jail in 1977 – 79?
    The K. Hawkes` murder may well have been his first homicide. Why, because the caller/ murderer on the 2 phone messages to the Police was exhibiting obvious remorse for his attack on K.Hawkes that evening. He did not want her to die.
    This expert voice audio analysis comparison should be pursued.

    p.s…Great + Greater Blog and Podcast posts this week-end John, Keep up the Excellent sleuthing.

    1. No, we do not know he was in jail from 1977-79. It was my only logical explanation as to why police wouldn’t go back further than 79, but as we know, nothing is ever exactly logical with Quebec police.

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