1. These are amazing photographs! How fortunate to have these historical photos in your possession. Hopefully they will remain with your daughters to be reserved for generations.

  2. I heard from Annie’s grandson who left the following message. Note the eerie synesthesia around the color green: ” Hi John, I just listened to this very moving and powerful tribute to your sister and to Uncle Tom. I realized after listening that I met your grandparents some years ago. In the early eighties, my wife and I drove to Toronto for a holiday and we stopped in Trenton to meet Uncle Charlie and his wife. I remember chatting with them in their living room … they were both seated on their couch, as you described in your podcast. It was very enjoyable. My grandmother, Annie, was very proud of him, and she was delighted that we stopped in for a visit. I remember telling your grandfather about his sister, how she was doing, about my fatter and my aunts and uncles. They were such lively people. I remember he was wearing a green cardigan sweater.”

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