Joanne Dorion / Chantal Tremblay – WKT #14

A recap of the Kim Rossmo and Michael Arntfield interviews.

We introduce the cases of Johanne Dorion and Chantal Tremblay:


Here is a link to the CBC article on the public inquiry into the Montreal police:



Edgar Allan Poe’s detective Auguste Dupin:



Surete du Quebec investigators recovering evidence:



The Laval police handle the evidence in the case of Joanne Dorion:



The video from Poirier Enquete about Joanne Dorion can be viewed by clicking here:


The letter from Yvonne Prior to the Dorion family:



Joanne Dorion’s eyeliner recovered at the snack bar, Chateau Laval:



Allo Police article about Joanne Dorion:



Allo Police article about Chantal Tremblay:



The mother of Joanne Dorion:



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