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  1. From a reader:

    “I lived in Chambly when Hélène was murdered. I was 12. The population at that time was about 10,000. It was a very insular community. Everyone knew everyone, english and french. Most people conducted their activities within the community. There were several shady characters in the town, known to police. The town was NOT a tourist spot at all back then and everything was quiet at night. It is incomprehensible that the murderer was not apprehended. I am certain that the former police force(1970’s 1980’s..remember the corruption) knows something or is covering something.

    I was unaware of the murder as my parents shielded me from it but I recall that I was suddenly no longer allowed to ride my bike at dusk or later, nor see certain friends. Unfortunately, both my parents are deceased so further details from them are lost. I should add ( maybe I should report)..? 1985 I was returning home by car around 1:30 am from an evening with my co workers( I was 20).. was between saint hubert and chambly when a car with a flashing light stopped me. I thought he was a police officer. ( in an unmarked car) he looked at me with a face that can only be described as evil. For some reason, he said nothing and then gestured for me to go.

    I was young so did not think anything of this.

    I have often wondered if either a cop or fake cop is involved in some of these cases. Best regards to you John and my condolences to you and your family.”

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