1. Love your podcast. I was drawn to it out of a desire for more true crime. I stay due to the force of your obvious investment, which goes well beyond the loss of your sister. ( For which, by the way, my condolences.). You are compassionate and impassioned about justice. The content is interesting, carefully parsed, and your delivery is compelling. Keep up the great work and know that we are behind you, awaiting justice for Theresa and ALL the victims.

  2. Your story resonates for me. Maybe because my mother, one of my sisters and my eldest daughter are Teresas!. I’ve left a 5 star review for you. I was very surprised at some of the negative comments. Ignore them. Have you considered linking up with Amazon? I would love to be able to shop by clicking through your website to Amazon…you’d get a small cut. I don’t know how one goes about setting that up. But I’d love to contribute and I can’t outright donate. Think about it. You are a good brother and a fine person. I hope you get resolution from doing this podcast. Thank you.

    1. Well, people are fragile write now. What ever polarizes them, they will respond to it: with praise or scorn. I just ignore it, I’m not trying to please the world.

      Amazon: there thought of that. Lemme try and figure that out.

  3. P.S. aussi, je parle la francais comme une americaine…..vous parlez plus plus bien que moi! Il y a depuis quarante cinq annees que je l’ai etudie. Ma professeure a Oklahoma. Elle a dit , ” Parlez- vous, y’all”. Mon accent est terrible. Tant pis….

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