Response from Quebec Minister of Public Safety Martin Coiteux


The response from the office of Martin Coiteux is perfunctory, and does not begin to address the concerns expressed in our original request. The head of security for the province should have deep concerns for public safety, especially given the documented proof of the destruction of cold-case evidence across police agencies and across several decades. No amount of training at the Ecole Nicolet is going to remedy this situation.

The systemic failures in cold-case investigations in Quebec come from a culture of incompetence and indifference which begins at the top of the Ministry all the way down to the smallest police force in the province. 

We will continue our demand to Minister Coiteux, adding names of cold-case victims, until the Minister of Public Security makes some serious efforts to reform police investigative practices in the province of Quebec.
This is a link to the Coiteux response: response Coiteux
Here is this morning’s coverage on this matter by CBC Montreal’s Joanne Bayly: 
And here are some stories from a few weeks ago about my activities in the Eastern Townships in early May:

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