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  1. I was strangled and left for dead when I was 21.I was told they would save the paperwork to the case and that I could come forward at any time.cid did at the time said he’ll put it in long term I assumed that they were still there.from 1992.tried to reopen the case when I saw him on the news 2018 .they found a docket with my name on for attempted murder but told me files were destroyed.I can’t remember the hospital at the time I was left outside unconscious police found me apparently I was screaming and the screams luckily drew some local neighbours attention.lucky me.yeh I don’t have up to date Id at the moment so police can’t tell me anything in regards to where my files went.I can’t believe cps can refuse a case like this one that’s impacted my whole life.really.on lack of evidence.unbelievable.UK system is awesome really makes me feel so priviliged I’m English and the system we put all our faith in to is totally

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