1. The police thought they would wait us out, and we would all fall off. That was a bad bet. All that time only meant we got familiar with each other. To the point where: We all succeed or none of us succeed. I am only as strong as all the other unsolved murders. And it does not matter to me which one is solved: a victory for one is a victory for all of us. That is the puzzle the Quebec police have created, and that they now must resolve. The same level-of-service for all of us: SQ, SPVM, Laval, Longeueil. We all deserve the same treatment.

  1. Good work here. Lots more than I hadn’t heard. I’m Katherine’s cousin and I started the ball rolling on getting this case reopened back in 2002. I think they’re the police are just embarrassed at how ineptly they (didn’t) pursue this case that they just want it to just go away.

  2. Impressive work. To me, the accent doesn’t sound at all from Gaspésie or the east of the province but very clearly from Montréal or around (Basses Laurentides, Montérégie ?). The rolling ‘r’ in the word ‘Grenet’ in the second call for example is textbook ‘popular’ Montreal accent… On top of that, I detect an effort to pronounce ‘well’ (‘sous-boâât’), the way people behaved when interviewed on the street for television for example. That specific accent is now disappearing – even in working class neighbourhoods – yet people tended to keep it all their lives even if they ‘moved up’ in the world. Heck, even then-mayor Jean Drapeau spoke like that…

  3. Also, why call twice ? Is it because the killer was close by and could see that the police didn’t show up the first time ? Could it be that he lived somewhere with a view to where Ms. Hawkes lied ? The apartment buildings north of the tracks (corner of Ranger and Grenet) offer a good vantage point to observe potential victims dropping off from the train and Ms. Hawkes would walked by every working day… Just a thought.

    1. Having just visited there, You are thinking what I am thinking. 🙂

      The apartment building to the South (Henri Bourassa) wasn’t there in 1977, but the ones to the North were.

  4. Katherine Hawkes worked in the same company as I did in 1977 and I remember the horror at this despicable act – I wish the police had done a lot better then and her life might have been saved. No one in the company could believe this could have happened to such a great person.

  5. I worked with Katherine Hawkes in the same company and I can still remember the horror felt by everyone at this totally despicable act. I was new in the company but still have fresh memories of this incident. I wish the police had acted immediately and the lady may have had some chance to live.

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