1. Looks like marked signs of bruising on the right rear side of her neck next the cover, suggesting – manual strangulation.

    Since she has never been identified, has anyone bothered to photo check with the Americans or out of province police?

  2. dear mr Allore,you’re a very courageous,truthful man,but i wonder if you’re not hurting yourself by thinking all the time about those horrible crimes,maybe those thoughts instill poison in yourself,.I repeat,what you’re doing is extremely touching,it takes a beautiful soul to do what you do since such a long time and your poor sister would be proud of you,but,like i said,beware of poisoning yourself.All the same,like i said,you’re a remarkable person,i hope the truth be unveiled as soon as possible…..May God bless you…

    1. This website gives the impression that I am obsessed with this matter, that it consumes me. Consider this: It is a very deliberate attempt to focus a conversation around a series of unsolved murders in the late 1970s in Quebec.

      My private life is something that I keep for myself. My children, my passions, my hobbies are off-limits (with the occasional exception).

      My quality of life is excellent. I simply feel a responsibility to ALSO not forgive or forget the past.

      So while I appreciate the concern, Pierre, I can assure you that my mental heath is something I always consider, and always keep as the most important priority.


      John Allore

  3. Sharron Prior was found along with two other victims, and no body can find any clues to whom did this? We need a Columbo, because all murders there is always a clue, if you look.

  4. Once again this is brought to my eyes to read, I have spoke to many police & detectives, about these poor women, (Please) don’t give up looking, I am not family, friend, I live in Ontario, but I feel bad for their family’s. So I ask you to keep on looking, I am 81yrs old, & I wish you well.

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