1. Do you know if Daniel Braun was looked at as a suspect. He looks exactly like a Corporal I worked with at DND in Ottawa who gave me lift to Montreal because he was heading out to Quebec City or Sherbrooke (I can’t remember exactly where to) around 1987. He was pretty weird and talked about killing his wife like he really meant it (made me feel uneasy). He might have been from that area as well but I can’t remember his name.

    If Louise was waiting for someone and he was the last one to talk to her on the phone, maybe he was the one she was waiting for?

    1. Bryan: Braun WAS looked at as a suspect back at that time. I believe he has a pretty tight alibi. Braun is still living in the area, and recently I had an associate communicate with him: he basically said he didn’t remember much about it (a little surprising).

  2. Petite nuance à apporter au sujet de l’emplacement du Sherbrooke Hussars. En fait il est situé sur la rue William, c’est vrai que ce n’est pas loin de la rue Portland, mais c’est surtout très près de la rue Montréal où se trouvait le local des Gitans et tout près où logeait Raymond Grimard, sur la rue High ou Island, et collé collé sur la prison “Winter” de Sherbrooke.


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