1. Same thing happened to me , I was supposed to go with my friend the night she was brutally sexually assaulted and murdered , I have to live with that for the rest of my life 😞, but if it wasn’t for my nephew being sick I wouldn’t be here today , I try to focus on that , that I’m alive and can advocate against domestic violence and make sure her brutal murder wasn’t in vain. The killer was her ex boyfriend they had a bad history of abuse !

  1. I was in Lorne School with Sharon’s twin sisters Doreen and Maureen at the time, We moved to Winnipeg, and something in the news recently made me think of Sharon, and if they ever got her killer, If any of her family reads this, we still think of you. God Bless

  2. Has anyone compared “Mr X” M.O. to the 2006 case of Tiffany Alice Morrison of Kahnawake? She disappeared after going out to Lasalle. Her body was discovered in 2010 under the Mercier Bridge on the border of Kahnawake, where she was dumped and concealed. She was 24, a mother, and her case remains unsolved. If Mr X was 17 in 1974, he’d be 66 today ( 49 in 2006.

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