Sharron Prior, Debbie Fisher, Norma O’Brien and the “Chateauguay Full Moon Killer”


I’m preparing some posts on Sharron Prior, Debbie Fisher, Norma O’Brien and the “Chateauguay Full Moon Killer”.

It’s proving more difficult than I initially thought. 

First, you have to go back and read everything. For those of you who missed it. I sit on a mountain of original caseload information. Everything from photos, to original news articles, to autopsy and police reports.

It was not my intent to hide this information. I came upon it about 2 1/2 years ago doing research in Quebec. I shared it with associates I trusted hoping they would spread the word. They never did. So now that I have some time I find myself going back and reviewing it. I want to put it out there. Let others see the information and put the pieces together.

It’s very exhausting. I read the Sharon Prior autopsy again this evening and it almost put me on my knees. 

But I’m finding things. 

Added to this is the fact that Prior and “Manique Pleine Lune” have been very adequately covered by the Prior family and my friend Kristian Gravenor over at Coolopolis. I don’t want to muddy waters by getting facts wrong, or by being plain redundant. It’s simply harder to write a piece where the facts are already well grounded. 

I’m no super sleuth. My oeuvre is a very narrow corridor between 1970 and 1980, with a concentration on 77-78. But when you disaggregate data to that degree maybe you can reveal / demonstrate something. I’m pretty good at spotting patterns, but someone else needs to come to conclusions on those patterns.

Anyway, I should have something up over the weekend. I’m sitting on some information about Prior / O’Brian / Fisher /Chateauguay that has never been disclosed before. No, it has nothing to do with who the Chateauguay Killer was, there’s a publication ban on that. And anyway, anyone with a search engine knows EXACTLY who he was….

So I’ll write something about what I know.   I think I can give it a unique spin. I’m also going to touch on the dangers of Confirmation Bias, something that is always lurking when dealing with human interpretation 


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