1. Thank you so much for bringing back these cold cases and confirming what we all thought at the time, i.e. that these cases were not handled properly by the Sûreté du Québec. I was a close friend of Alice Paré and remember very well February 17, 1971, her disparition, the heartwrenching period when we didn’t know what had happened to her, and when finally her body was found. It was a dark dark time in my life.

  2. Two people have asked this today, and I’ll take the compliment: “How many people have emailed you today and told you that you REALLY should be a professor in serial crimes.”

    It comes from my work. I look at trends in revenue / expenditure forecasts. Believe me, I have many associates who are MUCH BETTER at this than me. But after 20 years, I’ve gotten good at it.

    I am pretty good at looking at aggregate data, and then disaggregating it. I have an Excel spreadsheet. 🙂

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