#Cedrika Provencher = Claudette Poirier?

IMG_0545 I can’t help but notice certain striking similarities between the Provencher case, thus far, and that of Claudette Poirier.


Poirier was 15 when she disappeared from Drummondville on July 27, 1977. Like Provencher, she went missing on her bicycle. Like Provencher, she was missing a long time, and many believed she was still alive.


Finally like Provencher, her remains were discovered nearly a decade later in a wooded area in Sainte Cyrille (skull recovered by two hunters). Her bike was recovered less than 1/2 a kilometer from the place of her disappearance.

Curiously, the investigation was led by the Trois Rivieres detachment of the Surete du Quebec’s investigative bureau.

Here is the coroner’s report:

Poirier 1986

Poirier 1986 2




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