July update


I’ve changed my site theme. I had some complaints that the posts were not date stamped, and it was hard to track the chronology of information. True enough. It was time anyway. I was using a WordPress theme called “Fog” that had a picture of Charlie Manson on it in demo mode: never sat well with me.

Will you let me know what you think? What works / what doesn’t? I’d appreciate it.

A few notes:

1. Someone linked me on a Facebook page about the Eastern Townships and the response was unbelievable: I had no idea that many people still  came to this site for updates on the case. Still, it felt a little intrusive. There’s this page with nice pictures of Quebec landscapes, and then someone drops this mess in the middle of it. Just like life.

2. A have been asked – again – to consider taking down graphic photos of crime scenes. I’m considering it, but it’s doubtful I’ll do it. They serve there point. These things are real, terrifying and uncomfortable. If someone doesn’t like that then don’t come to my site.

3. I’ve been corresponding with a student at Bishop’s university. He is a criminology student there (a new program for the school) and wants to work with me. Always good to have boots on the ground. We’ll see.

4. I was approached to be part of some sort of memorial to murder victims that would be erected in Montreal. I declined. It’s just not my style. I have a name on a monument: it’s called a tombstone. Enough already. Solve the crime; that will be the testament to tragedy.

5. I’ve also been approached to be part of a group calling for a public inquiry into these crimes. I’m luke-warm, but could be convinced. An inquiry like that would need to have very specific goals and outcomes. If one of the outcomes is increased resources to solving these crimes, How fair is that? So  we’re going to raise taxes on current taxpayers to solve 30 year old crimes for which they bare no responsibility? What current priority is going to be sacrificed to achieve these new and old priorities? Finally, show me a Quebec public inquiry that achieved what it set out to do: Poitras? Charbonneau? The answer is, “none”. You can search this website for the “why”, I’m too lazy to make the links.

6. It’s always great to come home at 11 pm on a Saturday evening and get a message from the Priors asking for copies of autopsy reports. No really: this is what we do! (Just messin’ with you, Doreen, I’ll send them this morning).

7. What are the Surete du Quebec up to? Well several things, but here’s one. They are looking seriously at a suspect. On their own, I didn’t bring the suspect to their attention. This is why I don’t know the details. It’s good in the sense that the police are being pro-active. Theresa’s case isn’t sitting in a box on a floor at 1701 Parthenais (well, actually it is); they are doing things. But because they are doing it right, I don’t know the details.


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