1. Yes, I sort of get that under some set of circumstances like this:

      They find it. They know what it is, what it means; but they don’t want contact with the police.

  1. I thought the same thing about the t-shirt. Jessie seems too reactive and honestly not smart enough to do that.

    I wonder if they couldn’t have found a DNA match or other forensic link in his car or apt. They could have also found something belonging to her in his apt. I believe Morgan was missing some jewelry. Not sure about Hannah. I have only heard unconfirmed accounts the forensic link is DNA, so I don’t know if that was confirmed.

    I also haven’t ruled out there isn’t an accomplice, like the police claim there isn’t, and he didn’t take Morgan or Hannah to someone else.

    As to tips… from the Find Hannah Graham FB some are calling in with wild ideas just as a tip. People who live across the country look at Google Maps and say she could be here or there as though they know more than the investigators. That’s just a waste of time for them. People should have some common sense.

    Love your blogs on this case!

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