#JesseMatthew #HannahGraham : Wait for the facts


I don’t know who said, “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear?”, possibly an artist, probably a social scientist. Anyway, the speculation surrounding #HannahGraham and #JesseMatthew is getting out of hand.

My point in emphasizing the need to wait for facts is this: This case is ripe for confirmation bias. There is now a growing hysteria to throw every unsolved case at the feet of Jesse Matthew, while overlooking  every rational fact that may disprove he is a homicidal maniac.

Up to this point the information connecting Graham and Matthew is not looking good for Matthew. He appears to have been the last person seen with Graham, he fled 1,300 miles to Galveston, 12 years ago he has accused of rape.

But given the number of exonerated criminals in this country over the last ten years I would think the last thing anyone wants is another falsely accused black male.


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