#HannahGraham #MorganHarrington and my long association with Town and Gown crimes

And here are my personal thoughts on the investigation into the disappearance of Hannah Graham.

I admit the case has caught my interest. Charlottesville, Virginia is a mere 3 hours up the road from me here in Durham. North Carolina. A virtual straight shot up Route 29, the highway where police are currently searching.

These cases are tricky, and a rush-to-judgement is not uncommon. 


Duke lacrosse house

Durham gave rise to the Duke Lacrosse Case. I work in Durham. I jog past the lot where that house once stood, daily. Initially everyone thought they had that case figured out, based on what police and the media told them. Then police and the media did a 180 and victim and offender switched sides. To this day no one knows what exactly happened at 610 Buchanan. 


Eve Carson

Eve Ca

Eve Carson: Chapel Hill is where I live and play. Playmakers – where I do a lot of my playing – is right in the middle of the crime geographic plot points. I drive past where she was abducted, and where she was shot, daily. In this case law enforcement got it right rather quickly. But questions remain about campus violence and the safety of women at UNC CH.


Champlain College, Lennoxville, Quebec

And then of course there is my personal experience with the murder of my sister while she was a student at Champlain College, Lennoxville, Quebec. For those new to this site, my sister, Theresa Allore disappeared from campus on November 3, 1978. Six months later her body was discovered near the residence where she live (you can see a summary here).  It would take me all evening to summarize all the speculation that went into the investigation of Theresa’s disappearance. I will simply say that you probably already know what happened; the police and media blamed the victim, the college abdicated any responsibility,  innocent people were accused in order to expedite the matter… many mistakes were made. 

So I have a history with these things. Tread softly, keep your heart open.


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