#CEIC Charbonneau Commission: More RCMP testimony on tap for today

Linda Féquière

I was largely missing from watching the hearing yesterday. Thanks to Monique Muise at The Gazette I stayed on top of it. The Commission mostly heard testimony from the RCMP (Corporal Vinicio Sebastiano, and Corporal Linda Féquière). Sebastiano testified that the RCMP’s Project Colisée  (2000 – 2006) was focused on putting away Mafia drug lords. Whenever construction entrepreneurs or political parties came up on the 35,000 hours of video surveillance, it was largely ignored.  The Commission will likely be taking a grater interest in those tapes in the coming days. The RCMP was forced to hand over all their information from Project Colisee in March. From Muise:

The Charbonneau Commission, in contrast, is very interested in those tapes, and in the list of visitors to the two mob hangouts entered into evidence Tuesday. That list includes the names Tony Magi, Michel Argento and Francesco (Frank) Catania, among others.

Magi was spotted at both clubs a handful of times, often in the company of his legitimate business partner, Nick Rizzuto Jr., who was gunned down in late-2009 outside Magi’s offices. Magi himself survived a brazen assassination attempt while driving in N.D.G. in 2008, and his wife survived a similar shooting incident last year. Magi has never been directly linked to the Mafia.

In related news, the focus of Project Colisee, Vito Rissoto is to be released from a Colorado prison on October 6th.


Watch the hearings here.

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