CEIC Charbonneau: Eric Vecchio: Montreal Police Officer

Eric Vecchio

What to say about today’s events where we were subjected to hours of survaillance video of the Rizutto clan  while Montreal police officer Eric Vecchio provided the play-by-play? If you want the details, Sidhartha Banerjee, has a nice rundown in The Post. 

Here’s my observations of the whole affair, and some of my questions:

  • I can’t believe how sleazy and squalid these offices / clubs look. If this is the high-life Mafia style, I’m thankful for my corner office (is that a Clowns-on-Velvet / Dogs Playing Poker portrait on the wall behind them?) : This looks like the most sordid NBC shakedown ever. It makes Chris Hansen’s To Catch A Predator look like an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.
  • The Christmas party, December 24th, 2005: this is the best they can do? A paper plate of baked ziti and a shot of Dewers in a paper cup?
  • Vecchio looks like the guy who farted in the CEIC room, like he’d rather be anywhere than these hearings. 
  • And who can blame him? When asked if the RCMP shared the tapes with other law enforcement, his embarrassing response? “We tried to contact them, but they never returned our calls”. Really?! A note to the RCMP / SPVM / SQ: you all play in the same sandbox. Now stop insulting us, and start acting like the law enforcement agencies that we know you can be: ones that live up to their potential and work together to solve the crime problems of our society. You’ll be surprised how sexy you look in the mirror. 

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