CEIC Charbonneau Commission Day 3: ValentinaTenti Short Session

Day 2 of Valentina Tenti’s testimony was a short one. The commission recessed before noon, and Mike Amato, the detective from York Regional Police won’t take the stand until tomorrow.

Some highlights:

– Tenti could not cite an ethnic connection to Mafia corruption.

– She could not cite a correlation between gender and the mafia (though in some instances wives would front legitimate businesses for Mafia husbands)

– Tenti stated that in Sicily the Mafia is starting to branch out from public works and into the health care system and solid waste management.

– Tenti said that entrepreneurs that tried to co-exist along side the Mafia, apart from collusion would eventually have their businesses burned to the ground.

– Corruption is going to exist wherever there is a lack of checks and balances. It’s not the Mafia that’s the problem, it’s the system that is the problem.

– Tenti: “The conclusions of the Commission should not be based on opinions, but upon accurate information.”


The Commission uploaded a new document today. Quebec Construction Industry Annual Statistics 2011 is now available on their website.


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