Charbonneau Day 2 ( CEIC ): Valentina Tenti Testimony Afternoon

So on the break I read ahead in the Valentina Tenti report, Framing Mafia Infiltration in the Public Construction Industry in Italy (I’m impatient).

Take a look at the Case Studies in Part II; Master Builders, Master Criminals in Sicily (Page 59), The Free Port Project in Calabria (Page 67), and Campania (Page 74).

If this is the template for investigation that Charbonneau is setting the table with, then this is going to be big, and everyone will be implicated: organized crime, entrepreneurs, “white collars” (accountants, lawyers), public and private sector professionals, public officials and politicians.

Tenti’s most telling testimony came in the final hour. When commission lawyer Sonia Lebel asked her what Quebec should do to fight organized crime she responded,

 “It would be a mistake to focus on a specific group, because there is a system behind that group… The key will be the identification of who controls critical external resources. … Who is in control of the raw material? Who is in control of the workforce? Who is in control of the capital? How do these actors link together?”

Tenti resumes testimony tomorrow morning. The Gazette’s Monique Muise has been Tweeting the hearings, and providing excellent summaries of the proceedings. She’s got a good wrap up of today’s events here.


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