Charbonneau Commission ( CEIC) Day 2: Valentina Tenti

The first English witness takes the stand today in Quebec’s construction inquiry (well, Italian with an awesome accent).

Valentina Tenti is a criminologist from the Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and expert on mafia infiltration into the construction industry in Italy (her credentials here )  Again, more “painting the picture” today, no pointing fingers… yet.

Tenti is no stranger to Montreal / Quebec. She’s been a post-doctoral fellow / research assistant / visiting researcher at the Universite de Montreal since 2008. In February 2012 she presented to the Universite de Montreal’s International Centre for Comparative Criminology on the topic, Ethnic patterns and co-offending neworks in Italy’s illegal drug trade. In May she presented to Canada’s National Security Conference on the topic of corruption in the construction industry. 

You can actually see her entire one-hour lecture on Italy’s illegal drug trade here on YouTube here:

Tenti really started coming into her own after about an hour of testimony. Much more relaxed and confident. She spoke of how the Mafia / Cosa Nostra had a sense of entitlement, describing a “swearing in” ceremony (being “made” ) where blood was spilt over a religious object (just a tad of a flair for the dramatic). Mafia consider themselves honorable, loyal, obedient. Which tells you pretty much what they think of the rest of us. With an attitude like that is it any wonder they feel justified in exploiting the system? 

The mafia have honor, and we get hosed.


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