Normand Guérin released to half-way house two blocks away from one of his victims

Here’s a follow up on the Parole Board of Canada’s BRILLIANT decision to release Normand Guérin into a half-way house two blocks away from one of his victims….

Guérin’s accomplice in the 1979 murders of  Chantal Dupont and Maurice Marcil was Gilles Pimparé (I’ve written more about these murders here). Gilles Pimparé is still in prison. The last two decision registries I have from the Parole Board are from November 2010 and June 2011. Pimparé, who is now 57, had a long history of violence. In addition to the murders of Dupont and Marcil who were 14 and 15 at the time, Pimparé had been criminally active since age 13. His psychiatric evaluation in 2010 revealed that Pimparé was still sexually deviant, and a drug abuser. He had a high risk level to re-offend sexually and violently. The profile described him as a psychopath. Pimparé was found with pornographic  photos in his cell, many with a nude young woman posing in front of the Jacques Cartier bridge (the bridge where he and Guérin committed the 1979 murders). The parole board concluded that Pimparé was reluctant / immune to changing his behavior, and parole was denied.

In June 2011 Pimparé appealed the 2010 decision on the grounds of some legal errors, but the board dismissed his appeal and upheld the 2010 decision.

Pimparé is next up for review this October, 2012. The Parole Board will make its decision in November, 2012.


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