Quebec Election 2012: Go with Devil you Know


Look I know Jean Charest hasn’t been the most attentive leader, and after nearly a decade in power it would seem time to let the pendulum shift and bring in some fresh blood. I know the Liberals are mired in construction / mafia / SQ corruption inquiries that no doubt will ultimately point the finger right back at themselves. I know Charest’s Bill 78 is widely condemned, even by the UN, and it renders the province to a virtual police state (like we want these guys to have all the power?! They don’t have enough already?!).  I know Charest’s handled the student protests in Montreal with all the aplomb of a bull in a china shop.

And yet…

Pauline Marois is a nut job, she’s even more out of touch than Charest. She panders to the pots and pans, and has co-opted the protesters for her own pitchfork revolutionary purposes (same old thing, brand knew drag). I have nothing against the PQ and their agenda. All things considered, Rene Levesque’s Parti Quebecois provided good government in the 70s early 80s, and the sole-searching question of Quebec sovereignty is a just and honorable thing for a people to ponder.

But not in the hands of Marois. I don’t think a 16-year-old should be allowed to vote. Marois is a divisive distraction at a time when Quebec needs stability. Marois and Harper would be a Purell and vinegar balm on the paper cut infractions currently being played out in the province (because that’s what the student protests amount to: a paper cut). The Coalition Avenir shows promise, but they need time to develop, this is not their election.

So I say hold your nose and vote for Curly! He is at least on speaking terms with Ottawa, his Plan Nord is interesting, a better legacy project than we’ve seen from most in Quebec, and I really don’t think an extra $300 in tuition is going to break anybody. On a personal note, when I was investigating my sister, Theresa’s murder Charest was the only Quebec politician to openly correspond with me, offering me insights and openings to channels in the Quebec justice system. Give the Liberals one more term, wait patiently and see what develops. Things could be worse, much worse.


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