This has been an interesting week

I’ll post in bullets:

  • Rob Tripp from CanCrime caught wind of the Victims of Homicide survey and wants to pitch a story about it to the national press.
  • I did a telephone interview today with a reporter with Avis de Recherche, an online video station about Canadien crime (ya… after 8 months my French was REALLY rusty… I am re-inspired by one of my daughters, Theresa who has announced that she will take French in middle-school). Story will be posted in the next 2 months.
  • Another interview request! Someone from Northern Mysteries, a documentary TV series about unsolved mysteries, wants to do a story on Theresa (what is in the water?). Though I did have to correct her on the assumption that Theresa is missing (No, no… found, and very much DEAD).
  • There is a general consensus that my voice has been very much missed (I’m touched! Thanks guys!). Nice to be back in the game.
  • I will post something on what I’ve been up to in the past 8 months; in time, I’m still processing.
  • I should have an announcement about the scholarship shortly.
  • On a side note: since the release of The King of Limbs I am on a total Radiohead jag, just can’t get enough.

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