I might have something to say…

I will start with this: Victims’ Advocacy has been the ruin of many a relationship. You can all count yourselves in (and by that, I count at least a baker’s dozen); for my part I will count my marriage.

I will also say that me and my former wife,  Elisabeth have a “working-rel/ship”, and I am grateful for that… the desolve of our rel/ship was not completely attributed to homicide, but the issues with my sister’s unsolved murder certainly did not help.

And as a plug I will point you to her blog, she is a far better writer than me.

CASUALTIES OF WAR: I know there are more of you, I wish you’d weigh in:


2 thoughts on “I might have something to say…”

  1. John, That is funny that I have been thinking about the very same thing lately. What the costs have been. One of the costs was my career was derailed. It is hard telling where I would be today if the focus, energy and other personal resources that I spent on advocating would have been put into personal development, developing the career I had chosen, before it got sidetracked and left in the dust for one that was forced upon me by circumstance and violence.

  2. MJ: The Costs: The energy I spent on advocacy, was diverted from my family. Now I can make all the excuses I want, but that is A FACT.

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