02/09/11: I guess I’m back

Very gently – because I am feeling quite vulurable – here is what I will say as a come-back to blogging:

I don’t know what to say or do… I have had some experiences that I believe will be informative to those who have had to deal with homicide stress /  PTSD… I would like to share my experience with anyone… if it may help. For now… you think you can leave it behind… I am a 31-plus victim of homicide (still waiting for resolution to my sister’s unsolved case) and I still need some answers, if not the ultimate answer to all this).

So… I will post as I feel the need; and I feel the need. It has been a long journey.

Hello again!


7 thoughts on “02/09/11: I guess I’m back”

  1. John-
    I am a Chapel Hill writer and I’ve been to the 10X10 many times. I don’t know how I stumbled upon this website, but I did, and I have been reading it for the last few days. An incredible story. Deeply affecting. I wish you the best. I wish your family the best.
    Mark Cornell

  2. I am not familiar with Theresa but I think of her often. There was an incident that happened to me around the same time period (1978?). I was a teenager at the time in grade 10 or 11. I was hitchhiking along the hwy between Compton and lennoxville as I lived in Huntingville at the time. A man stopped to pick me up, I opened the car door and felt a wave of apprehension and fear in the pit of my stomach. I am not a person that fears many things but I rely heavily on my intuition. I asked him where he was headed, which I knew was a silly question because usually when someone picks you up they know you want to go to Lennoxville. he said, in broken english, I’m headed your way. I said “which way is that” ? and he said, “you know, your way, Lennoxville, Sherbrooke, your way”. My gut told me that something very bad was going to happen to me if I got into his car. So I said “sorry, I’m going to North Hatley” and slammed the car door and he sped off.

    I came upon this site through chance and my gut tells me it’s the same guy that killed Theresa. I’ve been trying to wrack my brain to come up with information for you. I’ve been thinking about getting information through hypnosis but I can’t seem to concentrate long enough to be hypnotized. I am trying to meditate so that I can practice concentrating one thing . Very difficult indeed but will continue trying and will try to find someone very skilled.

    I hope if someone sees this post, and a similar incident has happened to them, to speak out.

    This case is not closed!


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