Jim Clench – RIP

These posts are from my brother, Andre. He played with Jim for months  toward the end (not just 2 days like me).  He has a better perspective on Jim Clench’s final days, and April Wine:

On Myles Goodwyn and the show at Saint John’s Beaverbrook:

“We were on the back stairwell of the mighty Lord F’ng Beaverbrook Arena, yacking with Myles. He was smokin’ a butski after the show and we asked him how he liked playing in Saint Stickin John and he said…… “ya know, Saint John really stinks……” of which ….I think he was referring to the Irving Pulp’n Paper stench, but maybe he was referring to the crowd. At the time all I could think of was that bit during the show where Myles got up behind the drum riser and was blowing this lead solo (which sounded like an Ace Frehley solo) and at the end of it there was like …. silence…. you could of heard a pin drop….. I guess that’s what he meant about Saint John really stinking…… I just calls’m as I sees him…. like it or not………”

On Jim Clench:

“In any case…. enough about Myles………….  This is about Jimmy.   I really enjoyed playing with Jim in the summer of 2009.  We were at it for 3-4 months in John Roveto’s basement, where Jim had most of his gear.  We were up to 12-15 songs. I was singing all none-Myles penned tunes; Bad Side, Lady, Gypsy Queen, etc…Jim was doing his thing.  He had this chick singer from Ontario who he was going to bring in sooner or later.  We were suppose to eventually go off to some farm in Ontario to rehearse and then start playing gigs.   For the record I never gave Jim any ultimatum.  After John Maxwell left, Jim brought in another guitarist, Kelly Wately, who replaced me with one of his buddies. Then they replace Michael from Roxfield Point with drummer Dave Devine……… I heard later that this config imploded as well.   Then about 3 weeks ago I ran into John Roveto at Calistoga Grill and he told me Jim was not doing so good.  (I was thinking Jim was as strong as an ox and would pull through).  Then Nov 3rd it was all over Facebook.  Jim was gone….”


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