Remains of Tiffany Morrison ID’d

Lack of media coverage indeed; I’d never heard of this case:

Human remains found in an aboriginal community south of Montreal on Tuesday have been identified as those of a woman missing since 2006.

The bones have been identified as those of Tiffany Morrison, 25, from the Kahnawake reserve, officials with the local police force confirmed on Friday.

The remains were found by a construction worker in a wooded area near the Mercier Bridge, which links Montreal to the South Shore region, said Warren White, an investigator with the Kahnawake Mohawk Peacekeepers.

The bones had been covered with some branches, White said.

Morrison was reportedly last seen in a taxi with a man on the Kahnawake reserve, southwest of Montreal, on June 18, 2006.

Morrison’s family had been critical of what it said was a lack of media coverage of her disappearance.


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  1. Tiffany Morrison went missing the day after the June 17th, 2006 search party for ‘Who Killed Theresa?’ I remember hearing something on the news then, but nothing since. When I saw the news earlier this week about remains being found and that they were possibly of Tiffany Morrison, I sent you the link, thinking that she was one of the girls listed on your Missing Quebec Women map. What struck me about the newsclip though, was the shot of a bulletin board with the pictures of approx. 20-30 other missing Native women.

  2. I knew Tiffany. We went to high school together. I moved to Toronto and lost touch. When I first heard this in 2006 I was shocked and knew she wouldn’t leave her daughter. No way. I can’t believe this happened to her and her familly. I think of her daughter, the same age as mine, and my heart breaks. Someone out there is responsible for this, walking around. I want someone to be brought to justice. This is ridiculous that they only JUST found her. What were the police doing? They failed her. They should be held accountable. If they had of had a walking search they would have found her sooner. There would have been untouched evidence. UNNACEPTABLE.

  3. why dont any body just say something that happen that night i still think it had to to be someone out side to know where to put this poor girl body did she had a cell phone did u look at her emails i dont her ive heard alot of things about her why cant u bring a physic and bring to our town did she had a pusre or something did u find any clues am so upset some one did something to tiffany morrison the mystrey goes on some body must’ve seen what had happen to her ask who where her friends did she a diary some thing is a fisher with this taxi her poor daughter must think everyday i want my my mommy i wannna see her did she any guys other guys wont do something she still with us her family the whole town every where i go i look just to see if i can find any thing that well help her killer it makes make so mad seeing why dont u just come down to the police station and say it because who ever it is must felt gult and a shame to something like her what ever it is just not just a crime she from our town was she in gangs was she owe any body money i fell like this person any body rip

  4. The stories of so many missing first nation’s women go untold or barely make the front pages. This is a problem all across Canada.

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