Eurydice: Final week

What a treat and great pleasure to have Bill Widman come to Eurydice this evening!

Bill runs his own blog about the missing Debbie Key, is a frequent contributor here, and has lived in Carrboro with me for over 10 years:

We’ve never met!

When he and Joy walked back stage I had no idea who he was; my first reaction was “who’s this guy? He looks cool and weird!”

Attaboy Bill, thanks for coming.


4 thoughts on “Eurydice: Final week”

  1. I will never forget the look on your face when I introduced myself! Joy said she too enjoyed seeing us meet.

    I figured it was bound to happen someday that the two of us would eventually meet, We have been living in the same area for quite some time, but for some weird reason our paths have never crossed before. I have been so looking forward to this!

    It was a great pleasure seeing you perform. You are a great actor, and this was a great play! I will always remeber this occasion!

  2. John, I didn’t want to spoil the surprise, but Bill had mentioned to me that he was intending to see the play and finally meet you. I’m glad he was able to see you perform and meet you in person. And he is too.


  3. It was pretty darn funny. There’s this pounding on the backstage door, and I just happened to be standing behind it. I say in a Monty Python voice, “come in”, open the door, and there’s Bill.

  4. And I didn’t even rehearse it! Honest!
    Joy introduced me to Nathan, who operated the lights for the play. I asked him, “Can we see John?” and he said, “Go knock on that door over there.” so I did.

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