Ahh the English Montreal media: A day late and a dollar short.

Man accused in murder of Montreal woman faces new charges


MONTREAL – The man accused in the murder of Natasha Cournoyer has been charged with attempted murder in connection with an attack on a sex worker.

Claude Larouche, a 48-year-old carpenter, is charged with first-degree murder in the killing of Cournoyer, 37. Her body was found last October in thick bushes in Pointe aux Trembles.

The woman told police Larouche beat her in her Hochelaga-Maisonneuve home Oct. 17, 16 days after Cournoyer disappeared from the Laval office building where she worked.

Larouche told the sex worker he didn’t want sex, but wanted to talk.

After taking some drugs, he allegedly hit the woman in the face and tried to strangle her. Larouche took off after the woman knocked his glasses off. Police identified him through a DNA sample found on the glasses.

Larouche is no stranger to the criminal justice system, with charges dating back to 1984 in Chicoutimi, Trois Rivières, Joliette, Quebec City and Montreal.

He’s being detained and is due back in court May 25.


4 thoughts on “Ahh the English Montreal media: A day late and a dollar short.”

  1. Okay, this is much more than a day late.
    However, I am glad they do write these stories in English when they do. I think it’s important that people like me get to learn about these stories too, don’t you? Otherwise, we have to depend on people like you to tell us about them.

  2. While this old dog still manages to learn some new tricks, I don’t think I’m up to such a challenge as that.

  3. Glossary of Terms

    people like me – those who do not speak French, or pretend to.

    people like you – those who speak both French and English equally as well.

    the other kind of people – those who pretend to speak French because they think it makes them sound high class, but they’re really not fooling anyone. (I’ve actually known people like this.)

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