Russ Williams: I’ll post what I damn well please

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. It’s been a busy 48, and I’m just coming up for air.

1.   Friday I had all that work to do on the City budget.

2.   Then we took time in the afternoon to volunteer at the Durham Rescue Mission.

3.   Had to pick up the kids and spend Friday evening at the last Friday event in Hillsborough (with the great music and lemonade).

4.   Rehearsal at 7:30 pm for Eurydice.

5.   Then Saturday, of course, was my eldest daughter’s birthday. So, bake the cake, wrap the presents, goofing off.

6   Guitar hero and science experiments with the girls.

7.   Birthday dinner at Akai Hana with the kids and my ex-wife.

8.   Then a family movie together watching The White Stripes, Under Great White Northern Lights.

9.   Oh, and my Ex and I even jammed together for the kids… we did The Denial Twist: who knew she played drums, but then again, it’s Meg White.

In short, I’ve been busy with my life. I get a little hot with comments from the likes of Mary Diwell suggesting I need to get on with mine, and stop pestering poor Russ Williams with my armchair detecting.

My friend Marjean Fichtenberg and I shared a good laugh over this when we were in Vancouver. Do you seriously think we’re like this all the time? Do you think we talk this shit 24-7?  Marjean’s got a family, children, friends… the times she works in advocating in the name of her dead son’s cause are the exception. And do you think she would be doing this if she didn’t have the stigma of victim / survivor so violently thrust upon her?

Except for a few life intersections (I was born in Trenton, my grandfather worked at the Trenton Air Force base ) I could give a rats ass about Colonel Williams. I wrote a piece back in February that continues to draw comments and traffic… so be it. People want to talk about it, let them do it; I’m certainly not joining in the party, that’s not my scene. I’m certainly not going to cut Williams any slack. I find the case mildly interesting, in part because I know the area where the murders we committed fairly well. That’s it.  Oh, and also, I’ve got absolutely no sympathy for the guy, nor do I feel that now is the time to leave the community alone to heal – though that time will come.

I write about a few cases that interest me while I bide my time waiting for clues that will solve Theresa’s cold case. Because if I didn’t – if I shut it down, and went completely back to my life – this is what would happen: People with information might go, “hey, I should contact the family! No wait, maybe I shouldn’t… haven’t heard about that case in some time. Maybe they went back to their lives, maybe they just want to move on and not be reminded, I should leave them alone”.

And then I never would have received the message I was sent on Friday basically blowing Theresa’s case wide open.

To the Mary Diwell’s of the world… your opinion is welcome, I will consider your comments thoughtfully, I will even publish them. But keep your armchair advice to yourself. You haven’t lived through 31 years of an unsolved murder. You have no experience in this affair; I am an expert.


7 thoughts on “Russ Williams: I’ll post what I damn well please”

  1. I had the same reaction to Ms Diwell’s comment, John.
    I liked Bill’s response too.


  2. Well said, John. I shake my head in wonder at people who think they have some sort of “right” to judge what another person’s life should look like. Do you they actually think they know what another person’s “life” looks like from a few posts on a blog? Such arrogance.

  3. John – I’ll have you know that I really enjoyed reading this post. I appreciate everything you said. Until recently, I never thought there was any need to explain that a blogger is a person, a human being with family and friends, and a personal life, and not just someone who makes words appear on a screen. Thank you for making the point.

    Anon and Marjean – I appreciate your comments as well, As for the previous post mentioned, do I have to explain I was being sarcastic? I hope not.

  4. I KNOW our family will give you thumbs up John…
    we are experts too… unfortunately …

    So glad that you got new news! I have no sympathy ether…for what’s his name????

    no comment!!! it would take much too long!

  5. I discovered your website when doing some research on one of my papers and I must say that my heart goes out to you and your family regarding your 31 years of pain. My father was murdered 29 years ago, but (long story short) it was never investigated and eventually ruled “suicide” (entry made two feet from behind body, supposed weapon discovered buried in hayloft in barn-no ballistics done, no GSR testing, etc etc). The little town was under grandfather’s $$, so no one was ever going to know the real story. So I’ve had to live with the crappy unresolved issues that come from that, so I hope you don’t mind my 2 cents. I have never understood people who think that they can dictate to someone else what is or is not a good use of their time. Furthermore, it is maddening when people believe that they are going to get some sort of prize for giving their time and sympathies to people who are criminally inclined. Yes, the Col is due a fair trial, but unless someone has all the evidence (and I doubt she does) then she has no right to tell anyone what they can believe or say.

    I doubt you spend all your time brooding over any of these stories. Who would? But even if you were so inclined, it is not someone else’s business to steer you in a direction *they* think you should go. I’m sure you’ve held it together all these years without her assistance so far, so she (and others like her) can go “volunteer” their unsolicited advice elsewhere.

    I also would like to say I love your site’s layout and design. Classical elegance.

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