Speaking Engagement in Abbotsford

A very satisfying time last night. Spoke to about 30-40 folks to cap off Crime Victims Awareness Week. I led off, followed by Misty Cockerill, followed by Marjean Fichtenberg.

I was not very familiar with Misty’s story – I had never heard of the “Abbotsford Killer”, Terry Driver (what a tool). 

Nice hanging out with Marjean. She must be exhausted. She had spent the earlier part of the week in Ottawa for the kickoff ceremonies for victims (she witnessed the Harper speech where he spent all his time jawing on about Homolka and Clifford Olson (another  tool)

Anyhoo… I’ll hang around B.C. for another day before heading home.


2 thoughts on “Speaking Engagement in Abbotsford”

  1. Hey, John. It was a good night. You were a great speaker. Had a good time hanging out with you for that couple of days.

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