Theresa Allore case remains a mystery

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Bla-bla-bla… it’s still unsolved, bla-bla-bla, Quebec police have lots of unsolved cases… get on the stick!

La Presse

4/19/2010   Theresa Allore Case

Occurred there over 30 years, the murder of Theresa Allore was run
lot of ink over the decades. This young college students has been
found dead in the River Coaticook, Eastern Townships, in April 1979, five
months after having disappeared from the campus of Champlain College in Lennoxville.
The case resurfaced in 2002 when the brother of the victim
contributed to the writing of a chapter in a textbook on a new
technique of solving crime, geographic profiling. Authors
advance the thesis that the young woman was the victim of a serial killer.
Moreover, that same serial killer is probably the author of two
other murders in the Sherbrooke area, that of Louise
Camirand, occurred in 1977, and that of Manon Dubé, 1978. Following
these revelations, the SQ has reopened three cases classified for
whether they were actually related. But for now, these
three crimes remain unpunished.

What happened to Sonia Raymond?

The mystery still hangs about the tragic fate of Sonia Raymond
found dead on a beach of Maria, Gaspésie, July 27, 1996. The
32 year old woman, a native of Rimouski, was visiting the Bay
Chaleurs attend a wedding. The day of drama, Sonia Raymond was
party for a walk on a beach crowded. His body
was found partially undressed in the evening by a passerby. Autopsy
later revealed that her jugular vein was cut a few strokes
“A sharp object” to the throat. In this case, several tracks
have been explored by the SQ in vain. A man, a sex offender
repeat offender in the region, was considered a suspect without
never be accused of anything. In 2008, the SQ has received dozens
calls following a television report on the case of Raymond. If
information the public has not led to the arrest of the murderer, the
family, however, was again plunged into the drama. “It returns the iron
the wound, then told the victim’s brother, Guylain, the daily Le
Sun. But there may be a relative of the murderer who knows things.
If it were possible to close the file for my parents who have 78 and 69
years. Every night when we lie, we have flashbacks. ”

The double murder of Turret

Here is another case that rocked the region of Gaspésie. May
1995, a man finds blood in the residence of his parents, which seems
have been burgled. The couple’s car has also disappeared.
The car was discovered the same day. The trunk and bumper are
covered with blood. A month later, a young couple discovers the body
Claudette Servant and Victorian Valley in a stream about twenty
kilometers from the residence. Over the years, the case was
reviewed several times following the disclosure of information
public. Investigators have also interviewed nearly 900
persons attempting to clarify the matter, without success. The SQ would
some idea of the identity of the perpetrators of this crime, but never
have sufficient evidence to submit the case to a

The heinous murder of Saint-Paul-de-Joliette

The body of Roland Landry, 77, Marcel Landry, 79, and Margaret
Landry, 89, were found one morning in December 1999 by their brother
75 years who had to jump to their home in Saint-Paul-de-
Joliette for coffee. According to information distributed
the time, the old have been victims of carnage. The
SQ has publicly stated that it had little information on
case. For the second time in its history, the police even
offered a reward of $ 50 000, drawn from its budget. Moreover,
Squad crimes against the person has even produced the tree
family genealogy and met nearly 300 people to try
to advance the case. But the killers remain.

The mystery of the death of Guylaine Potvin

Guylaine Potvin’s murder, which occurred in April 2000 in Jonquière
traumatized the student community of the region. The young woman, who
attended Cégep de Jonquière, was found dead, naked in her bed.
Her story has resurfaced this year when the arrest of Claude
Larouche, accused of the murder of Natasha Cournoyer last October. The
similarity of the two crimes and the fact that Larouche is originally from
Jonquière have raised doubts about the possible link between the two
business. Police officials, however, indicated a month later
that DNA Larouche not correspond to any unsolved murder cases.
The murder of Guylaine Potvin, however, was linked to an attempt
murder and sexual assault occurred in July 2000 against a
Student Sainte-Foy.

Number of murders

Murders committed in Quebec whose investigation is the SQ

2005 / 42

2006 / 32

2007 / 41

2008 / 36

Source: Communications SQ


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