From Rob Tripp: Russ Williams attempts suicide

Col. Russ Williams, the former Canadian Air Force commander who is an accused serial sex killer, made an elaborate and desperate bid to kill himself this weekend, Cancrime has learned. At roughly 5 a.m. yesterday, Williams wrote a suicide note in mustard on the wall of his segregation cell at the Quinte Detention Centre in Napanee, Ontario, where he has been held since his arrest February 7. Williams wrote a farewell message, saying that his affairs are now in order and that his guilt is too much to bear. Aware that he is being closely watched, Williams jammed the lock in his cell door with cardboard and foil in an attempt to prevent staff from getting into his cell quickly to stop him. He then took a cardboard toilet roll and stuffed it with more foil and cardboard and tried to jam it down his own throat, in an apparent bid to suffocate himself. Staff were able to break into the cell and rescue Williams. Concerned that Williams won’t survive until his next court appearance April 29, jail managers made the decision to put him on a 24-hour, one-on-one suicide watch for the duration of his term at the facility. It means he will be monitored around the clock by one staff member. Williams had rehearsed for his early morning Saturday suicide attempt. Early Friday morning, he jammed a pencil into the lock of his cell door to test how long it would take staff to unjam the door. Quinte maintenance staff arrived and opened the door within 15 minutes.

Williams has been on various forms of suicide watch since he was arrested two months ago and charged with two murders and other sex crimes. He exhibited strange behaviour on admission to Quinte and, because of concerns about his mental health, he has sometimes been forced to wear a suicide-proof gown or smock, known as a ‘baby doll.’

Williams is accused of killing Jessica Lloyd of Belleville and Marie-France Comeau, who worked at Canadian Forces Base Trenton, where Williams was commander until his arrest. He’s also accused of two home invasion-sex assaults on two women in the Tweed area in September 2009. Williams has a house in the Tweed area.


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