(Sigh)… Well, ’tis the season

Body pulled from river in Varennes
Updated: Sat Mar. 20 2010 4:43:49 PM


A body was pulled from the St. Lawrence River in Varennes, on the south shore of Montreal, Saturday afternoon.

A man spotted the body from his boat and called police at 2:30 p.m. The body, which is in a severe state of decomposition, was pulled on to Bissonnette Rd, said Surete du Quebec Sgt. Claude Denis.

Denis said it appeared the corpse had been in the water for some time. Officers were unsure if it was a man or a woman, and whether there were marks of violence on the body. A station has been set up at the site to examine the corpse.


3 thoughts on “(Sigh)… Well, ’tis the season”

  1. Oh My God!
    This happened today! We have friends in Montreal. I hope we hear from them about this.
    The body is so badly deteriorated that the gender is unknown. Worse yet is that the SQ is involved, so we may never know anything more about it.

  2. I agree totally Bill! It’s a shame! someones daughter…someones son…

    March…March such a sad month..for so many missing murdered..cases UNSOLVED

  3. I’m not finding much on the Internet about this case. I found more about a teenage boy found back in November in the same river,
    A friend of mine (and of John and Doreen) living in Montreal tells me that this case will likely get more coverage in the French news. Do you think so?

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