Pierre Hugues Boisvenu steps down from AFPAD, and all hell breaks loose

There is an article in Sunday’s La Presse that begins inauspicious enough… a farewell to Pierre Hugues Boisvenu as he steps down from AFPAD and embarks on his journey to the Canadian Senate. Then writer Katia Gagnon engages in a full-court-press on the association, its former leader and everything that has been achieved in the last five years for the cause of crime victims.

The article is slanderous and an insult to the reputations of both M. Boisvenu and his former friend and colleague, Marcel Bolduc. it is what we call in English “a wedge”, designed to divide and triangulate a belief, a good purpose, and ultimately friendships. Ignore it. On second thought, read it. Remember it. Use it as a tool.

Was M. Bolduc awarded a paid position in AFPAD based on merit or cronyism? I don’t care. M. Bolduc was given a very modest compensation in exchange for services, we are hardly talking AdScam here. Bolduc is a pioneer in victims advocacy in Quebec. I will say that again, Marcel Bolduc is a PIONEER in QUEBEC VICTIMS ADVOCACY. He was doing it alone before many of us knew what grassroots work was, before most of us would ultimately suffer the same level of tragedy with which he had become so unfortunately acquainted.  Simply put: No Marcel?

1.  No Who Killed Theresa? Certainly no me advocating.

2. No Cold Case Bureau with the SQ


4. And victims rights in Quebec are left totally marginalized.

Has Pierre in the past asked me to do things in exchange for AFPAD services? Not directly, but I get the drift, and I promote AFPAD willingly. He is building a brand, a network. That’s business.

Did AFPAD ever ignore my special interests regarding victims issues? Certainly. My concern is cold cases, unsolved crimes, AFPAD has been more focused on the post-trial justice process (incarceration issues, parole). No matter. We all are working for a common goal. You cannot expect an organization of this magnitude to represent every voice, every concern. It was enough that some needs, the majority of needs are getting met.

Has Pierre been reimbursed for expenses? Of course. Are the amounts unreasonable? Of course not. Pierre IS / HAS BEEN the organization… running around Quebec in his car, speaking to everyone and anyone who would listen. Is it unreasonable for him to expect reimbursement for food, gas and lodging?

I always knew this issue would come back to bite AFPAD in the ass. So be it. It isn’t enough that crime victims have to suffer tragedy, that they have to do their own advocating and police work because the government is ill equipped to do that work on their behalf (yet they represent – in force  – the cause of criminals), now crime victims must go broke in order to advance their interests.

It is an old story. I have wasted thousands of dollars on plane and car trips to Quebec, doing my own police work, lobbying for victims’ interests, incurring psychological damage to my self. And what did the Quebec government ever offer as compensation for the effort? $600 for funeral services. Thank you, but she – and her cause – are not quite dead yet.

Pierre, Marcel, and AFPAD, keep plugging away. To the media I say, Enough.


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  1. (applause, applause, applause)
    You tell ’em, John!

    BTW- You didn’t waste your money. You’ve made a very important statement, and told a story that needed to be told.
    Yeah, that’s right!

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